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Saturday, April 22, 2000

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Book Reviews

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Archer, Lily The Poison Apples

Aronson, Sarah Head Case

Brooks, Kevin Being

Brown, Sandra Ricochet

Cole, Stephen Thieves Like Us

Collison, Linda Star-Crossed

Cook, K.L. The Girl from Charnelle

Cornish, D.M. The Foundling, vol. 1: Monster Blood Tatoo

Corrigan, Eireann Ordinary Ghosts

Cross, Shauna Derby Girl

Cullen, Lynn I am Rembrandt's Daughter

Downham, Jenny Before I Die

Duey, Kathleen Skin Hunger

Frost, Helen The Braid

Giles, Gail Right Behind You

Going, K.L. Saint Iggy

Gonzalez, Julie Ricochet

Hale, Marian Dark Water Rising

Hale, Shannon Book of a Thousand Days

Halpern, Julie Get Well Soon

Hoffman, Alice Incantation

Jansen, Hanna Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You

Johnson, Maureen Devilish

Larson, Kirby Hattie Big Sky

Leavitt, Martine Keturah and Lord Death

Levine, Gail Carson Fairest

Lipsyte, Robert Raider's Night

Lyga, Barry The Astonishing Adventures of Fan Boy & Goth Girl

Lynch, Chris Sins of the Fathers

Malley, Gemma The Declaration

Marillier, Julie Wildwood Dancing

McDonald, Janet Harlem Hustle

Nelson, R.A. Breathe My Name

Newbery, Linda Set in Stone

Plum-Ucci, Carol The Night My Sister Went Missing

Rosoff, Meg Just in Case

Sandell, Lisa Ann The Weight of the Sky

Setterfield, Diane The Thirteenth Tale

Shusterman, Neil Unwind

Sonnenblick, Jordan Notes from the Midnight Driver

Thompson, Kate The New Policeman

Vail, Rachel You, Maybe: The Profound Assymetry of Love

Wallace, Rich One Good Punch

Yang, Gene Luen American Born Chinese

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