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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AISDCL20 #14--Technorati and Tagging

I'm just not into tagging through other websites. I tag here, and it kind of feels like way too much extra work to tag to meet other services needs.

BUT, I get it. I do understand how it creates a networking opportunity when you tag your posts and look for similar ones out there. And when I'm searching for specific things in Flickr or, it does, in fact make it easier.

It just work on this end. I know it's not, not really anyway, but it's just an extra step that I (if I really wanted to do this right *grin*) would do.

Okay, I'll give it another shot. (How'd I talk myself into that one?)

AISDCL20 #11--Web 2.0 Awards's probably cheating, but I chose to take a look at pbwiki. I already have one (well, our AISDCL2.0 wiki), so that's why I think it might be cheating.

I think it's easy--just like the name implies (easy as a peanut butter sandwich). Pretty much a point and click editor (like the AISD teacher webpages). The updated version looks snazzier, and is just as easy to work with.

I'm involved in ALL kinds of Nings (which is social networking without the MySpace stigma).

Texas School Librarians

TeacherLibrarian Network


Web 2.0 For Teachers

Progressive Educators

Nings are just a great networking thing, that's tied into a subject/them specific thing. They're easy to navigate and are great ways to collaborate and generate ideas and discussion.

AISDCL20 #7--Something technology related

So, since I think it's bad form for the leader of the project to not quite be done...

So, I'm working on podcasting lately. I've been playing with creating podcasts for the books that I'm reviewing for my library and for Tayshas. I think next year, I'll offer it to my TAs as a project for their grades.

Anyway, check out Audacity to try playing with your own podcasts. As long as you've got a microphone or digital recorder, you can podcast yourself!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch

I am terrifically excited, overwhelmed, and humbled by this book. No, it's not one for the Tayshas list. I don't know that it would ever resonate with young adults. And, to be honest, I haven't had some of the life experiences that Randy touches on as he talks about living your childhood dreams--which is really about how to live your life.

I read it in a day, it's a short one. But the short ones are often the ones most meaningful, right?

If you don't know Randy's story, I urge you to read about him. And watch the Carnegie Mellon lecture video. It is a moving experience if you open your heart and mind.

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