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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Google Educator Certification---I did it!

Today, I accomplished one of my goals for the school year. 

It's not a "lofty" goal, but it was one that required some time commitment on my part. And, well, if you've noticed from my relative quiet this year, I don't have a lot of time to spare.

Today, I completed Google Educator Certification Level One. After 12 hours worth of training, and thinking about how to use GSuite tools in the classroom and school in general, I signed up for a test. I had to block 3 hours of time (inconceivable!), in case I needed the full amount of time to test. It's not a hard test, but you do have to spend some time thinking. It's part "lab practical," part knowledge application.

Do I recommend it? Yep, sure do. There's a second level, and some things beyond. I waited a whole 20 minutes after confirming that I passed the level one exam to start level 2's coursework. 

For more information, visit the Google for Education Training Center

Thursday, March 23, 2017

REVIEW: 2136: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel, by Matthew Thrush

Orphaned as a child and hidden from the world, 23-year-old Willow’s life is ordinary. Until a stranger comes into her life forcing her to recount past memories she thought she had suppressed and speaks of a destiny she cannot accept.

Fueled with regret and a looming fear of the unknown, Willow must make a choice. Save the world or save herself. There’s just one problem; she’s been infected.

As I read the abrupt ending of this book, I silently cursed Matthew Thrush. I know there's a second book, but ended hard. 

Thrush is a vivid story-teller. He paints not just a picture of the story but of his characters. Descriptions of horrific scenes are balanced perfectly between appropriately cringe-worthy and cinematic "too much." (His descriptions alone make me want to see this in the movie theater.) His characters are beautifully developed. Willow is intense, still a teenager, but clearly functioning in a world we really can't imagine. She's sharp, witty, and honest---just what teenagers in any society should be. The people she encounters are vivid, but not overpowering, she's definitely the star of the show.

From line one, you're involved in the story. It's an apocalypse story that is plausible and frighteningly so. It's good and evil, coming of age, and dystopia all rolled into one. 
It's been a long time since I kept myself up late to read one more chapter...but I did with 2136. 

And I'm kinda ticked I'm stuck waiting for the next book!

What do you think??

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