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Genre-fying the School Library

It's insanely controversial to strike right at the heart of "standard" library shelf arrangements. I've even been called names. Seriously.

But I did it anyway. Here's some more information about it.

Presentation Slides from TLA 2012, Houston.

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3 thoughts:

Unknown said...

I just Genre-fied my school library at the end of last year and while everyone at school seems to like it, I have received some negative comments from others the library field. I was glad to see your blog as it made me feel validated. I just have to wait and see what the circulation stats are.

Turney said...

I'm glad you took the jump! I think you'll find that, ultimately, it works for the kids--your patrons. Let me know how things turn out.

CC said...

I know these posts are several years old but I am wondering if you can still provide the templates for the destiny report. I have made resource lists for various genres but I feel like I am missing a lot of the books for each Genre and maybe your method would help me get there. THANKS

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