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Reviewing Policies

January 1, 2023: I am currently open to review requests (until noted otherwise).

Please bear in mind that I try to be selective in my reading and review items so that each book I'm reviewing is given its due--the time and attention it deserves. I will read books that don't particularly appeal to me, because I am well aware that my personal tastes are not all that matter. My reviews won't always be gushingly positive, but they will always be honest.

Contact me: meanoldlibraryteacher AT gmail DOT com.

Fiction that I ALWAYS pick up: YA humor, YA contemporary fiction, YA historical fiction, YA literary fiction, YA science fiction, YA Dystopias, YA mysteries and psychological thrillers. Any of the above that are "Adult for YA." (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Children's books: I have an elementary aged daughter. If I think it's appropriate, I read your books with her and you get two reviews in one---the parent/librarian and the target audience.

Non-fiction books: Typically, I enjoy memoirs and biographies. I'll also read cooking, and poetry.

Genres I DO NOT review: erotica, anything overtly adult and not appropriate for a public high school library.

Acceptable book submission types: ARCs, galleys, e-books, PDFs, published copies


For ARCs & galleys: When given advanced notice (minimum of 2 weeks), my review will be posted one week before the release date.

For published copies, I make every attempt to have reviews posted within 3 weeks of receiving the book. If you have a specific deadline request, please let me know so that I can plan accordingly.

If you've asked for my review to be featured in virtual book tour (which I am ALWAYS open to and love to take part in) then I will post my review on the assigned date.

Cross-posting: I have no specific cross-posting policies, though I have been known to post on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, and The StoryGraph. If, by chance, I consider posting my review of your title somewhere other than my site, I will let you know before I do that, so that you have the option to veto my request. If there is somewhere in particular you'd like me to post, please feel free to let me know.

One last note: ARCs and galleys are safe with me. I do not share them with anyone until after final publication of a book, and then only with reluctant readers or other librarians considering titles for their collections.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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