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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sites to See, Nov. 8

The Exploratorium
As museum websites go—This. Is. The. BEST. I  spent hours at home this weekend playing with the different online exhibits available. Billed as the “museum of science, art and human perception,” it is just amazing. Whether you’re an educator (awesome demos for a class), just curious, or a Sheldon Cooper-esque Geek, you’ll love this site.

Could you pass a US Citizenship Test?
With it being election day, this is always an interesting one to share. You have to get 58 of the 96 questions correct. WARNING: This site is SLOW…it’s the design. Just bear with it.

Royal Society Publishing Archive
Beginning in 1665, this is the world’s oldest scientific publisher. Recently, they opened the archive of 60,000+ historical scientific papers published more than 70 years ago. You’ll discover research findings of Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin, to name a few.

The Beloit College Mindset List
While written to describe this year’s college freshman, I think it’s also telling about the students we are graduating this year. Can you imagine….Ferris Bueller could be their father?

New Tech Toys Always Make Me Happy

Today....I am picking up this....

By Yagan Kiely, CC BY-SA 2.0

Granted, it may not be a 64GB, but it will be my first iPad. I'm beyond excited. I love new gadgets and tech toys and can't wait to see how quickly I will become dependent on it. Speaking from the experience of the first time I turned on Phoebe (my iPhone...the smartest little smart phone in the world)...I'm thinking it'll take about 10 minutes to completely and totally hook me.

I've got a handful of apps I know I'll immediately load, to prepare myself for upcoming tasks and activities. But I'm curious...what are YOU using?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sites to See, October 28

Copyright Free & Public Domain Media Sources
List of media collections with materials students and teachers can use without copyright considerations. This is a very important concept to teach our students.

Bill Kirk has developed a new way of forecasting the weather, that’s accurate up to a year in advance. (Weather Channel is only 71% accurate up to 10 days in advance).

Rover’s Eye View of Three-Year Trek on Mars
Amazing still image video of the 309 pictures of Rover’s 13 mile trek from Victoria crater to Endeavor crater.

What’s the Most Important Thing You Learned from a Teacher?
We all hear the stories about how inspiring a teacher was in the life of a student who had no inspiration. I think we ALL need to be reminded how much of an impact we have, especially when content is the last thing on our students’ minds.

From Kathy Schrock:
FREE apps for use on Android devices or iPad categorized by Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Bloomin’ Android
Bloomin’ iPad

Also, Google Apps (which are FREE)

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