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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Library2Play--Thing #12, AISDCL20 #12


I swear, you have to say that "roll-YO" Like, "that's how I roll, yo." (It's okay, you can roll your eyes now.)

Ok..I think this is pretty cool. Honestly--it's pre-fab coding. I just love how much easier it is. I've already added somethings to "my rollyo."

I did create a search roll to help me out. When I blog the books I'm reading, I like to put the publisher's blurb in my post so the summary is available to my dear readers. I can't always find them at one or the other book buying site, and having 4 windows or tabs open at a time is confusing. So..the "Book Blurbs" searchroll. I'm not going to post it here, because it really is just for me to keep from being confused. BUT..I did add a searchbox with some of the other searchrolls I particularly liked to this blog. Have fun!

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Mrs. Frizzle said...

Hi! Jen,
Thanks for your comment. Wasn't sure if you would get a copy that I posted or not so I will send you one here.

To get the survey or poll on your page go to customize. Click add a page element and it will have Poll on the top right. Then it will allow you lots of options for your poll.

I enjoyed reading your page too. How long have you been a librarian? Are you at a high school? I just started my LLIS degree and I have 101 questions!
Glynis aka Mrs. Frizzle

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