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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm a short TALL Texan

So...the TALL Texans retreat started today.

We're at the Montserrat Jesuit Retreat on Lake Dallas. Beautiful scenery. I hear the lake itself is a little scary, but since I'm sorta anti-water, that's alright.

It's safe to say I'm overwhelmed already, and all we've done is introduce ourselves! I'm seeing people whose names I've seen all over TLC and LM_Net, and--of course--TLA. I'm excited to be here and just meet everyone.

I've already been daydreaming about my "plan" for after the Institute. I've already been pushing for some changes in the district. We're just not advocating for ourselves as effectively as we could (and sometimes at all). I'd love to be able to say that each of our librarians is seen as a leader in our individual schools and throughout the district because we are not just because we're the lone wolf on campus.

This week is supposed to be "transforming." I can't wait!

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