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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sites to See

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.~~Samuel Johnson

Library of Congress Teachers’ Page
Most of us are aware that the Library of Congress is the home to wonderful resources. The question is “How do we put them to use?” The LOC has classroom materials and professional development available online to help you learn how to use primary and secondary sources in your classroom.

Web search engine that illustrates the logic of searches. It gives a graphic representation of a real-time search using Boolean logic—something our students have yet to understand completely but already get more than we do sometimes. ;)

Could Texting be Good for Students?
Let’s face it, they all text. Heck, a lot of us text. Personally, text-speak bugs me and I don’t use (ok, ok..I rarely use it—LOL). But could it actually have some merit?

Think Technology
A collection of pre-formatted graphic organizers.

History Wired
From the Smithsonian Institute, a digitized collection sharing some of the 3 million objects held by the National Museum of American History, Behring Center. To hear the recordings or view video clips, you’ll need to download RealPlayer.

The European Commission is slowly building a repository similar to Google and the Library of Congress’ “World Digital Library.” Primary source documents and digital resources specific to 27 European Nations are being included. From the Magna Carta to Mozart recordings and manuscripts.

Poe Revealed, 1809-2009
Edgar Allan Poe would be 200 this year. A collection Poe resources for use in the classroom for biography and literature studies.

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