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Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Beginnings

This week, my book at work is Misfit, by Jon Skovron. It was in the stack of returns I pulled out of the book drop this week, so I snagged it. Light reading, a little mythology, and demons....what's not to love?

Jael Thompson looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and frowns. She pushes back her curly black hair and stares into her green eyes so hard that the rest of her features blur.

"You know what I heard?" she says.. "That what you see in the mirror isn't what you really look like. That since mirrors flip everything, you're looking at a flipped version of your face. Like, the exact opposite."

I have to admit, the bit about the mirror makes me wonder what Jael means, but honestly, I can't say that even the first page prompted me to keep reading. The book jacket has done more of that for me--wanting to know how the demon fits in to the story. It's still early, and the reading is light. Watch for my review soon.

**Opting to participate in a weekly meme, mostly to help myself be a little more fruitful over here.

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5 thoughts:

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I am curious about this book...and the opening lines just make me wonder about it more.


JC Jones said...

I have heard that about mirrors before. It still does not make sense. I would go for the demon too.

Susan said...

I read the opening lines several times. I would read this story because I'm curious - it leaves me wondering. Thought provoking ...

Helen's Book Blog said...

Ok, the opening lines of this book are the kind of thing that get me thinking and then I can freak myself out (like, do we all taste the same?).

I am a new follower and am also a high school teacher librarian (in California)

Ms. Yingling said...

Sometimes when students check out really popular books I need to read, I try to convince them to return the books at the end of the school day on Friday!

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