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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sites to See, Nov 8

Two Hands-On Economics Lessons
There’s Captains of Industry, which is a simulation of the business practices of American businessmen in the late 19th century (Think Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc.). The 2nd is Life on Minimum Wage is designed to show students how difficult it is to get ahead financially when your only job pays minimum wage and doesn’t offer benefits.

WeSeed Virtual Stock Market Game
The stock market game that we’d used for years stopped being free, but WeSeed appears to have stepped up. There’s a special educators site that shows you how to set up classes for competitions and has free lesson materials

The Smithsonian’s Seriously Amazing Just a fun site with some neat things. Just by clicking a trivia-style question, you can quickly find yourself lost in articles, videos, and pictures  from the Smithsonian magazine website (which is also an awesome website to explore).

Amusement Park Physics
A neat site you can easily use to explain some basic physics concepts. There are interactive games for experimenting with the way different forces interact. Kind of fun.

Spanish Language learning resources from the BBC
Lots of different resources, including games, online tutorials, and a 12-week interactive video drama (with teacher guide)

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