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Thursday, February 20, 2014

REVIEW: Here by Mistake:The Secret of the Niche, by David Ciferri

Three teens mistakenly travel through time to 1960s New Orleans. Can they ever get back?

Brandon, Sarah, and Stephen—three teens from the small town of Rollings, New York—have just begun their summer. Wondering how to pass the time, Brandon suggests they explore the treasures in the basement of his Aunt Faye’s mansion. The only problem: the kids are forbidden access to the house.

Never one to step away from a challenge, Brandon manages to obtain a key. The dark basement holds a trove of gold coins, a knight’s armor, a grizzly bear on a pedestal, and… an elaborately decorated niche. This unusual furnishing draws the kids’ attention, and before they realize what has happened, they’ve transported through the niche to New Orleans, 1965.

Learning about the past has always fascinated this trio, but to actually live in 1965—and in a strange town? They need to find the niche to return home!

Time travel is just one of those things I'm a sucker for, and I'm glad this book delivers a good story along with it. This book has SOOOO much going for it. The story works in a perfect flow and the characters have a perfect depth. Everything about it is just about perfect in my book (which is pretty high praise for a debut novel).

Aside from the story itself, this book gives a unique view into the 1960s South. No color TV, few foreign cars (and a distinct belief they wouldn't be any good anyhow!), just the cost of living at that time. Stephen is  a black teenager who just hasn't had to deal with the racial tensions (putting it lightly) that were present in the 1960s. Seeing him come to terms with how life really was for even a kid is tough.

Excellently written and engaging, I look forward to more from Ciferri. 

Here's the trailer from Mill City Press:

What do you think??

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this ebook galley from HillCrest Media Group through the netGalley publisher/reader connection program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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