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Friday, January 26, 2007

Star-Crossed, by Linda Collison

I didn't put this one down. I even felt compelled to share a few lines with the darling boyfriend while he cleaned his house last night. I rarely "share" until I'm done with the book.

I'm not usually one for "adventure girl" stories, but this is the second one I've read recently that I just loved (the other being "Hattie Big Sky"). Patricia is a strong, strong character who manages to be a lady, even though she's doing a lot of distinctly not ladylike things. Doing things I couldn't imagine doing even at 30. I got all caught up, wanting her to win. And, in a way, she did.

From the publisher's blurb...

Patricia Kelley has been raised a proper British lady--but she's become a stowaway. Her father is dead, and her future in peril. To claim the estate that is rightfully hers, she must travel across the seas to Barbados, hidden in the belly of merchant ship.

It is a daring escapade, and the plan works--for a time. But before she knows it, Patricia's secret is revealed, and she is torn between two worlds. During the day, she wears petticoats, inhabits the dignified realm of ship's officers, and trains as a surgeon's mate with the gentle Aeneas MacPherson; at night she dons pants and climbs the rigging in the rough company of sailors. And it is there, alongside boson's mate John Dalton, that she feels stunningly alive.

In this mesmerizing novel of daring, adventure, tragedy, and romance, Patricia must cross the threshold between night and day, lady and surgeon, and even woman and man. She must be bold in ways beyond her wildest dreams and take risks she never imagined possible. And she must fight for her life--and her love.

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Anonymous said...

Mean Old Library Teacher,

Thank you so much for your positive review of Star-Crossed!
It's indeed an honor.

Yours, aye,

Linda Collison

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