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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thieves Like Us, by Stephen Cole

I can see why this book would appeal to teenagers. There's action. Kids are getting to do really cool things (like drive sweeeeet cars, like drink, like save the world and make big money doing it). There's some mystery. Thinly veiled sexual innuendos (from the kid I think is 13 or 14). Everybody's so freakin' cool. There's no parents, no school, no one telling them no. Geez, I can see why teenagers would love the book. Mostly boys, but some girls too.

But I didn't like it. It was alright, I guess, if you're into that kind of story. It was mindless read for me. I like books that make me think a little bit, stick with me. Heck..I finished this one 5 minutes ago and I'm already forgetting enough of it that I'm having to thumb back through it. Oh well.

From the publisher's blurb...

Jonah Wish, a brilliant computer hacker, is the newest addition to an elite group of teen outlaws all hired by the same mysterious benefactor, Nathaniel Coldhardt. Each of them offers a unique talent: Patch is a one-eyed locksmith; Motti can dismantle any electrical system; Con's charm is truly mesmerizing; and Tye can detect a lie with more precision than a polygraph. Under Coldhart's watchful eye, this motley crew races from a high-tech underground conference centre to exotic locations where they hunt for priceless ancient artefacts that may bring riches . . . or the secret to eternal life.

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