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Monday, February 5, 2007

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, by Barry Lyga

Hm..this one was...different. I didn't expect to like it. Still not sure if I do or not. It feels like a fairly typical teenage-angsty kind of book, kinda drama queen meets outcast loser boy. Only, I'm I don't think Goth Girl's the drama queen. It's just weird.

I can pick out the characters in the hallways here. That definitely helps the appeal factor.

From the publisher's blurb...

Fanboy has never had it good, but lately his sophomore year is turning out to be its own special hell. The bullies have made him their favorite target, his best (and only) friend seems headed for the dark side (sports and popularity), and his pregnant mother and the step-fascist are eagerly awaiting the birth of the alien life form known as Fanboy's new little brother or sister. Fanboy, though, has a secret: a graphic novel he's been working on without telling anyone, a graphic novel that he is convinced will lead to publication, fame, and- most important of all- a way out of the crappy little town he lives in and all the people that make it hell for him. When Fanboy meets Kyra, a.k.a. Goth Girl, he finds an outrageous, cynical girl who shares his love of comics as well as his hatred for jocks and bullies. Fanboy can't resist someone who actually seems to understand him, and soon he finds himself willing to heed her advice- to ignore or crush anyone who stands in his way.

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