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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Two: Stats..and more stats

So, this task was all about just knowing the stats on your audience.

It seems weird to me that I never set up Google Analytics or Site Meter on this blog. My personal blogs both have them on there. I love getting my emails on Monday mornings, telling me all the cool stuff--hits, search terms, that I've got a reader who religiously checks my site in Nigeria. And one in Croatia.

Seriously cool stuff.

And when I see the numbers drop off a little, it spurs me into action. I get more productive. And since I've started doing a little more coding work (as in HTML) in my personal blogs, I pay attention better to what my audience can and can't see. So, I guess I'm more aware, in that sense.

So, as I get some stats for this site, I'll probably post an upate about what I've learned.

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