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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Book and a Hug

On LM_Net back in the fall, there was a request for book reviewers. Well, since I read anything (and everything) that doesn't read me first, AND I like to do reviews, I responded.

Barb at was looking for more people to be involved in reviewing books for her site. Barb says that she created the site to "help you find a book for your child." (from the About A Book and A Hug page) As a librarian who struggles sometimes to get students even IN the library, matching them with a book they'll enjoy isn't always easy to do when all they can see is the summary from a MARC record.

Book reviews are sorted by categories, age of the reader, and a boys section pulled out (girls are on the way!). There's even author interviews (videos, not just question and answer text only interviews!).

I've just submitted my first review. For Trash.

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