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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sites to See, 1st week of February

Life after College Roadmap—Mint Life Blog
Really, this is good information for anyone striking out after high school or college. Practical information to help keep them from falling flat.

Well done graphics covering a variety of topics, like “do college freshman feel academically prepared for classes?” and “Who’s Not Washing Their Hands?

Minute Physics
Brief videos with hand-drawn cartoons explaining science concepts…what’s not to love? This could be great focus activities. OR…you could challenge your students to make their own videos (we can do that, you know.) Right next to it I found, Vi Hart-Mathemusician.
More doodling and crazy-fast talking, but kind of interesting. I watched a video about Fibonacci numbers in nature.

The Art Career Project
Art degrees don’t just lead to teaching or living paycheck to paycheck. Read about careers on this site, including training and skills, salary ranges, and what the work itself is like.

Treasures of the Bodleian
Oxford’s Library has digitized some of its amazing treasures. You can find images of telegrams from the Titanic, a handwritten draft Frankenstein, and Shakespeare’s First Folio.

Conflict History
A timeline and GoogleMap of conflicts from almost 4000 BCE to today. I thought it was a good visual way to relate what was going on world-wide at different times.

Students can construct a human body, system-by-system. Drag and drop organs and bones, and read the description of their purposes. Use it to quiz students on placement after a unit. :)

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