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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sites to See, February Week 3

An Alignment of Planets
From NASA’s Science News, the brightest planets in the night sky (Venus and Jupiter) are aligning in late February and March this year. Read the story, which tells you that it’ll be a great night to watch THIS Saturday when we have a crescent moon. Here’s a video with more info  Might be a good evening to visit the George Observatory out at Brazos Bend
Photos from the past website. Vintage photo blog featuring high definition images from the 1850s to the 1950s.
Just the image galleries at
For more images visit Retronaut at
Science at NASA
YouTube channel from NASA that I started going through after posting the first link. Yes, lots of the videos are about astronomy topics, but there are also meteorological videos and a “tour” of the electromagnetic spectrum series.
This is the companion website for the popular “For Dummies” books. Lots of good articles, but also some good videos. I watched a very informative one about using FOIL to distribute two binomials. J
The Geography Site
UK-based web site. LOTS of different resources, blogs, photographs, and topics currently in the news.

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