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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Really Cool PowerPoint Trick

It's been several years since someone turned PowerPoint into a great way to do fun lessons and test reviews in the classroom. At one time or another, we've ALL participated in or created Jeopardy-style PowerPoint games.  (If you haven't yet, here's a template. Try it!)

On our campus, we've adopted SMART Podiums. They're pretty neat and have lots of potential, but some of us would rather create our own resources than hunt through all the things out there from others. And, honestly, there's not a lot out there for educators tailored really well to the Podiums...or at least not that I'm finding.

But, the bigger issue is that we don't have them available on all campuses. We do have what we call "presentation stations"--large televisions (I mean, large) connected to computer towers, DVD/VCR players, and image projectors (like ELMOs). No SMARTBoards are available to the teachers.

Sooo....we do a lot of PowerPoints. We just do. We've all received training, and many even create interactive ones (on the same premise as the Jeopardy idea). Today, while tooling around looking for other things, I found this AWESOME PowerPoint Trick.

This is how you WRITE or TYPE on a slide, while actively running the slideshow. Sure, old news to some, but I think it's awesome!

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