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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sites to See, October 25 edition

NIH Science Curriculum Supplement Series
Free Supplements, Teacher’s guides, and several have state standard correlations for the materials (biology studies)
Biology Resources from the Copernicus Project
Wow…video clips, powerpoints, a few project/lab guides. LOTS of neat stuff.
HyperHistory Online
Timelines, maps, and graphics for events in 300 years of world history. They aren’t “pretty” but they are functional.
Poll Everywhere
Free text-in polls. Use this to do quick in class checks for understanding.
Critical Thinking Cheat Sheet
During inservice last week, we talked about how the STAAR tests require more critical thinking skills from our students than the TAKS tests ever have. Here’s an easy reference to help you as you structure discussion and lessons.
National Geographic Education
I found this one through one of the interactive map links. Of course, it’s full of incredible images that you expect from NatGeo, but it’s also full of some pretty awesome resources—for history, politics, psychology, and sciences. I’m having too much fun exploring myself!


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